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​ Here is an exert from an article by Jonathan Owen

Yes, Tactical Pheasant Hunting is a Thing and Here’s Why You Want To Try It

Posted on November 27, 2017 by Jonathan Owen

"At this point the picture of possible sheer embarrassment motivates me to reach out to Colorado shotgun instructor Dean Blanchard. Dean not only is an expert in trap, skeet and sporting clays, he’s a hunter and understands exactly where I need to be proficient. His teaching style and skills are a model for anyone teaching any skill set. He quickly identifies analogies and intersecting points of my current skills. Case in point: Rifle and pistol shooters are constantly trained to focus on the front site. I couldn’t disconnect that in my head when mounting a shotgun. But I’m pretty good at driving car. “Do you stare at the hood of your Jeep when navigating on road or off? Or is it just a reference point you’re constantly aware of?” asks Dean. With that and a couple of hours spent on some super cool sporting clay stations Dean set up, I think I’m ready. I hope I’m ready. I figure if I shoot well hunting I’ll credit him. If not, I’ll accept that I’m slow learner when it comes to swinging on flying targets."

"Thank you Dean Blanchard, I couldn’t have done it without your lessons!"

"Excellent lesson, well worth it"

Skyler H.

"Dean is a very good, patient, and encouraging instructor.  He is friendly, loves the sport, and loves to help others enjoy it too.  We had a lot of fun and were shooting way better by the end. Thanks!"

Boris C.


"Unbelievable instruction that both my wife and I really appreciated and enjoyed from minute 1 of meeting Dean.  Has actually inspired my wife to get a shotgun and hopefully have more fun like this in the future at the Kiowa shooting range."

Mark S.


"As experienced shooters we were quite surprised at what we learned from Dean. Dean was great, he listened to our needs as experienced shooters looking to hone our skills. We came away much better shooters than when we arrived and had a great time in the process.We will be back for follow up lessons to hone our skills before this falls hunting season."

Leif A.


"worth every penny. Purchased for my daughter, went from shooting a 16 out of 100 to hitting 64."

Bill R.


"Dean got me from not hitting any clays to hitting almost every one in just one lesson.  Money well spent."

Jennifer N.


"My wife & daughter needed some help & encouragement with shotgun skills.  Dean did such an amazing job, we went back a second time so we could do both ranges.  They had a great time and learned much. Dean apparently has an ability to effectively adjust his teaching methods to suit beginners as well as already accomplished shooters. Spending the afternoon in Kiowa & Bennett was also enjoyable.  I'd recommend this to anyone."

Joe N.

"Very Knowledgeable and patient"

Adolf F.


"I learned more about shooting during my lesson with Dean than I have the rest of my life shooting recreationally. He took a very personalized teaching approach with my boyfriend and I, and catered his teaching approach to our different learning styles. Dean could recognize what we did well, what could benefit from a bit of constructive critique, and coached us in a way that made sense and we could see and feel the difference. It was a beautiful range and a great morning spent shooting. I highly recommend taking a class with Dean Blanchard."

Ann D.

"Absolute awesome experience.  Looking forward to doing it again."

Tim O



"Perceptive and articulate, Dean is a superlative instructor and coach. I don't know of anyone who knows more about the shotgun sports or who can better improve a shooter's skills. My family and I enjoy working with Dean and he has improved our enjoyment of the sport as well as our target count."




Dean i want to thank you for everything that you have done to improve my shotgun shooting, mainly skeet. "When i first started shooting with you my average was a 71. Now after our couple times a month lessons since October of last year my average is now in the high 80's. I have shot a 98. This is all cause of your lessons. Thank you some much Dean. You are a awesome coach."


This gentleman drove over 3 hours for a lesson for his son.

Dear Mr. Blanchard

"I wanted to thank you for taking the time to work with my son.

He enjoyed the lesson, and wants to know when we’re going back. You were able to point out some form issues; a gun fit recommendation and strategic aim points for trap and skeet. It took a couple trips to the range to soak all this in. Shortly after the lessons (my son) shot a twenty (trap: personal best) and hit 25 of the first clays on double trap finished with a score of 40. Not bad for an 11 year old."

Thanks, Joey

"Knowledgeable, enthusiastic on student's performance.  Realistic."

Ursula G.


Dear Coach Dean,

"Thank you for working with us at the shooting range. It was really fun to watch your demonstrations and get in on the action while shooting trap. We enjoyed using our new shotguns. We also are glad you brought your own shotguns and taught us how to use them. You also showed us the different types of trap, skeet and sporting clays. Although we brought some clays and ammo, you had to pitch in a little."

Thank you,

The Colorado Springs School


If you're looking for specialized and personalized shooting instruction, Dean is your man. Prices are reasonable and he's pretty friendly to boot!


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