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Beginner Shotgun Class

For the beginner Dean will get you started on the right path to hitting clay targets.  He will start by asking you questions to better design the class to your needs.  Then he will start with easier targets then the level of difficulty will increase as you become more efficient. 


In this fun class you will also learn about the different shotgun games of Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays and how they are played.


Dean will also go over the importance of a properly fitted gun. Small adjustments might be made to your gun to help it fit better when possible.  If you are looking for a gun Dean will help you know what to look for in a fitted gun.

Lessons are set up for up for 2 to 3 hours in length and include a free rental gun (if needed), ear protection, and safety glasses.



Contact me to set up an appointment.


This is not a group class.  It is set for you and your group if you are so inclined. 






If you're looking for specialized and personalized shooting instruction, Dean is your man. Prices are reasonable and he's pretty friendly to boot!




"Perceptive and articulate, Dean is a superlative instructor and coach. I don't know of anyone who knows more about the shotgun sports or who can better improve a shooter's skills. My family and I enjoy working with Dean and he has improved our enjoyment of the sport as well as our target count."






beginner shotgun class, cool shotgun shot

If you are nervous about shooting a shotgun for the first time please watch the video below.

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